• Frustrated with your corporate career,your income is capped but your salaried hours are long?

  • Destined for so much more and it feels like your talents are being wasted?

  • Ready to make a bigger impact and more money,that becomes part of your legacy?

  • Worried about not knowing all the steps needed to start and scale coaching or consulting business?

  • Worried about replacing your 6-figure corporate salary?

  • Anxious about remaining in or going back to the office? Thinking about your next phase?

  • Already coaching but your signature offers, branding, and client attraction needs an up level?

  • Make a fabulous income leveraging the skills, talents, and expertise refined for more than a decade inside your 9:5?

  • Start and scale coaching, consulting, or mentoring through your own irresistible signature product suite?

  • Replace your 6-figure corporate salary AND have time and financial freedom for your dream life?

  • Feel supported with the strategy and implementation to start-up and scale your business?

  • Start now even if you are still working your corporate job?

I’m Cheryl Salters, a business coach, and strategist. I'm pretty passionate about helping

female corporate professionals and aspiring coaches
start and scale
a dream coaching business.

Leverage your skills and talents to create high-end coaching and consulting offers.

I am an ex-corporate professional, turned coach, turned “I don’t want to go back to corporate

AND I want to use all my skills and talents in a fun way, so I started my dream business” kinda girl.

My dream business started before I left corporate, working with clients in VIP Days and Coaching programs starting at $3500.

It exploded when

I started believing my skills and talents were VALUABLE AND NEEDED outside of corporate

and began to systematize the process from creation to content to cash to client delivery.

I work with corporate professionals who have years of expertise, skills, and talents, who want to start a business, create multiple streams of income through coaching and consulting but may not know what to offer, how to package it, or how to attract dream clients and deliver via a coaching program!

Inside my Bank on Your Brilliance Blueprint, we walk through the project planning and creating the signature framework that allows you to believe in the transformation and problem you solve for clients, elevate your brand, build out your business so you can create consistent monthly income leveraging expertise you honed throughout your professional career.




In the last 2 years, you may have pivoted to keep your salary, insurance, and all the things.

You may be questioning whether to return to work in the office,take a package if offered or just wait and see what happens.



Bank on Your Brilliance™ is an end:end solution to help you create, launch, and sell your expertise via coaching programs and premium-priced offers!

Start and scale your dream business.

Imagine working with dream clients ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

Here's what's waiting for you inside the program:

Module 1
We dive deep into your career expertise, whether it's marketing, tech, branding, systems, PR, or strategy to design a fabulous framework that delivers your clients desired outcomes.

You have more than enough skills and talents from your career to create a multiple six-figure business.

Module 1
We dive deep into your career expertise, whether it's marketing, tech, branding, systems, PR, or strategy to design a fabulous framework that delivers your clients desired outcomes.

You have more than enough skills and talents from your career to create a multiple six-figure business.

Module 3

Create your high-value signature offers that are sellable and scalable so that doesn't require 1000s of clients or hours to be profitable. You'll see your expertise shaped into a product suite and distinct system that delivers a transformational result.

Module 4 is all about getting your high-value expertise packaged to showcase your irresistible, premium-priced offers. Your vision, voice, and vibe all over your marketing, coaching, and content. Your expertise should stand out, even if you lack design skills.

Module 5
Start building a following of raving fans who raise their hands to work with you. Prospects who go from awareness to sold without spending your life on social media.

Module 6
Create profitable launch and promotions plan so that you launch knowing exactly how many leads, sales calls to meet your revenue goals using organic only or leveraging paid advertising.

Module 7
Easily and elegantly hold sales calls with your dream clients, even if you've never sold a $5,000 package before. It feels amazing to offer clients a solution that solves their pain or helps achieve their goals.

Module 8

Easily and elegantly hold conversion events and sales calls with your dream clients, even if you've never sold a $5,000 package before. Conversion events designed to give your prospects a Wow experience so they ASK "How can we continue to work together?" before you even pitch the offer.

Module 9
Gets you comfortable and confident delivering your expertise to clients, including on-boarding, live coaching, client portal or community, whether you're starting with or without a team to support you. You can absolutely do it while working 9:5 even if you travel. It's how I started.

Content Couture™ Coaches Design Collection

Slip your content, course curriculum, webinar, masterclass, lead magnet, ebook, planner, and social media into a fabulous designer template cause there's no reason for you to start from scratch. I'll show you how to customize it to match your branding.

Fabulous Frameworks Software & Design Templates

Masterclass and live design session to create your roadmap for your proprietary transformational program. Your clients will see the journey you take them on to get to the result.

Website that Wows in a Weekend

Masterclass and live Implementation session to build out your website and make it wow your dream clients. Cause it doesn't take months to get your digital home-base set up.

What's Included:

  • 8 Core Training modules ($9,997 Value)

  • 8 Interactive Live Group Coaching Calls ($9,997 Value)

  • Access to exclusive Facebook Community (Priceless)

  • Access to Live Implementation Design Days ($1997 Value)Access to Live Implementation Design Days ($1997 Value)

  • Bonus 1:
    Fabulous Frameworks software and design templates [bring the transformation to life] ($997 Value)

  • Bonus 2:
    Content Couture™ design templates [lead magnet, coaching, and workbooks] ($497 Value)

  • Bonus 3:
    Website that Wows in a Weekend Masterclass ($1,997 Value)

  • Pay in Full Bonus:

    Private Brilliance Breakthrough Session with Cheryl ($997 Value)

  • First 10 Pay in Full Bonus: Style Studio where Cheryl's design team becomes your Creative department. Designing for one offer or a list of deliverables for your coaching framework, workbooks, social media and marketing designs. Limited to first 10 clients. (Priceless)

Is PERFECT for you if you're:

  • Ready to transfer your corporate or professional expertise into signature offers.

  • Desire to build an expertise-based business utilizing your signature framework.

  • Prefer to build a 6-figure business offering premium-priced programs.

Is NOT for you if you're:

  • Not willing to do the work
    to start-up and scale your expert business.

  • You already know everything
    about setting up and running an online business.

  • Not interested in sharing your expertise
    as a coach, consultant or mentor.

My unique framework, branding, web pages, AND signature program created!
“Cheryl helped me gain clarity on my signature program, map out my program framework, my brand palette, and web pages. We created my gorgeous lead magnet and email sequence, worked on my systems, social media, and other promotional pieces for my workshops and speaking engagements.

Cheryl's brilliance is her combined elegant solutions, accountability coaching, and project management.

I see future collaborations not just for me, but for my Branding Room clients. I truly value her as an integral partner in moving my business to the next level.”

Janet Wise, MS HRD

Former HR Executive, Corporate Learning & Leadership Expert CEO, Wise Advantages Founder: The Branding Room / Social Tables Network
From idea stage to development, design, and promotion
“Cheryl gave me the processes and CLARITY I needed to take my product from the idea stage to development, design, and promotion.

She is absolutely 100%, the real deal.”

Cheryl T Vargas, SEO Strategist

What if I don't consider myself an expert?

That's most likely imposter syndrome rearing its head. You've been in your 9:5 doing this work for a decade or more. You've probably been asked to lead it for your team, show a new person how to do it, mentor a younger person. You get asked how to do it all the time by colleagues, family, and friends. You are passionate about it. You are well-trained, well-read, and can talk about it for hours. You can map it out step by step for clients. You've got this!

I'm not techy. Will this work for me?

There is a learning curve with anything new to you. Give yourself some grace. You can absolutely learn the things or hire a contractor to do the things you need to know to run a profitable business.

What if I still work my 9:5?

You're EXACTLY who I created this program for. The videos are available on-demand so listen at any time. Join the live calls or listen to the replays. Submit your questions via our portal if you are unable to make the live calls. But try to attend if you can, there's magic in walking the journey with a community. Bank on Your Brilliance will help you create the financial and time freedom you desire.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

No there isn't one. I really only want clients who are 150% committed and ALL in to join the program. If you have questions, please reach out to me so we can see if this is the right fit for you prior to signing up. 

How much access will I get to Cheryl?

Cheryl is available weekly for the Live Group Coaching calls, she is active in the Facebook group daily and will ping members in Messenger from time to time to check in on you.

How quickly can I expect to get a return on my investment (ROI)?

Ultimately that is up to you. You will get EVERYTHING you need to create your signature offers that leverage your existing expertise. Your investment in the program is $3000, you really only need to sell one premium-priced package to get a return on your investment.

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